'An Elephant for Breakfast' by Zella, read by friends

Do you like thrilling adventure stories?

Do you care about the illegal wildlife trade?

Do you want to help wildlife and communities who are suffering as a result of the pandemic?

'Reading for Wildlife' is a campaign to raise awareness of how you can help. 

Join author and illustrator Zella and her friends as they bring you 'An Elephant for Breakfast' into the comfort of your own home, an adventure story for 5 years upwards.

Chapters will be read by:

Ellen Alpsten, Author; Patrick Aryee, Presenter and biologist; Lucy Campbell, Blogger; Nicky Cox, Editor in Chief of First News; Emily Croft-Baker, Artist; Charles Cumming, Author; Magoo Giles, Founder and Principal Knightsbridge School; James Glancy, Broadcaster and conservationist; Gloria Guevara, CEO of World Travel & Tourism Council; Tony Hawks, Comedian and writer; Amanda Hills, President of Hills Balfour; Jane Horrocks, Actor; Josh Howie, Comedian; Bella Lack, Conservationist and youth ambassador; Pinky Laing, Designer; Jon Lemalu, Opera singer; Joanna Lumley, Actor and wildlife advocate; Amanny Mo, Broadcaster; Caroline Moultrie, Managing Director of Hills Balfour; Deok Joo Rhee QC, Barrister; Chris Sainty, UK Ambassador to Portugal; John Scanlon, Former Secretary General of CITES and Special Envoy for African Parks; Axel Scheffler, Illustrator; Dan Smith, Singer/songwriter; David Yarrow Wildlife photographer.

Every day from 1 - 27 July at 11am a new chapter of 'An Elephant for Breakfast' will be released on our Reading for Wildlife youtube channel.


Then see what more you can do to make sure wildlife is SAVED

5 simple ways you can get involved

SHARE the story

The first and most simple way to help is to share the story with your friends and networks. The more people that watch the videos the more awareness we can raise. Find us on twitter, instagram and youtube

ADOPT an endangered animal

There are lots of charities who offer adoption or sponsorship programmes. It's a great way to support them and to find out more about a particular species. Here are some places to start your search Born Free

Chester Zoo


Marine Conservation Society

London Zoo


VISIT when you can

Zoos, wildlife parks and conservation projects around the world depend on visitor income or tourism to support their work. This has been the most devastating impact of the pandemic as zoos have had to shut their doors and international travel has all but stopped. So, as soon as you can, go and visit. The British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquaria can help you find a zoo to visit in your local area. It may be a while before we can travel to far flung places but there is no harm in dreaming. Check out sites like, Magical Kenya for inspiration.

EDUCATE yourself

Make sure you know which products are made from illegally traded wildlife so that you don't accidentally buy or sell them and create more demand. There are lots of products out there so you need to be aware all the time, but especially if you are on holiday and buying souvenirs. The main things to look out for are: Turtleshell jewellery - the Hawksbill Turtle is nearing extinction but is poached widely across Latin America for its shells. For more information visit Pangolin scale boots or bags - the pangolin is the world's most trafficked animal and its scales are also used in traditional medicine Ivory sculptures and jewellery - the most high profile of illegally traded wildlife products is ivory and the products come in all shapes and sizes Feather dreamcatchers or decorations - rare birds are often the most beautiful so it's not surprising they are poached for their feathers. Coral or seashell souvenirs - it's really hard to tell what is harvested legally and what is not so to be on the safe side avoid all coral or seashell products. We'll have more information on this coming soon but in the meantime take a look at this guide.

DONATE to a conservation charity

There are hundreds of great charities, large and small, working tirelessly around the world to protect wildlife and help the communities who live alongside the animals generate sustainable incomes. Here are some of my favourites:

'An Elephant for Breakfast' by Zella, read by Zella
Elephant leaving

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