An Elephant for Breakfast

Every year, at the start of the summer holidays, Uncle Cosmo sends his nieces and nephews a gigantic parcel. It comes all the way from Africa to arrive on their doorstep in London. This year it is late, and when it finally arrives it brings with it a great mystery and a terrific adventure. Uncle Cosmo is in danger, and the children must follow the clues to save him.

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A thought-provoking and gripping and entertaining story. Surely this will be a key to changing the minds of adults through the insistence of their children.

Joanna Lumley, actress and wildlife champion

"I am delighted to have so many, inspiring people Reading for Wildlife.  It is through working together that we can learn to share our world more fairly.  Starting on 1 July 2020 and continuing the next 3 months,  50% of any profits from books sales will go to the education charity I founded called Tale2Tail; the other 50% will be divided among wildlife charities such as Veterans for Wildlife, African Parks, Elephant Family and Wildlife Act." Zella